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In Liv we enable anyone, anywhere to assess their own health condition in real-time. Our Liv Patch™ and Liv Assistant™ help you understand how your lifestyle affects your health.

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Liv Assistant™

Liv is our AI-driven personal health assistant that lives on your phone. Liv identifies your activity and habits and calibrates uniquely to you. As Liv gets to know you better, she will provide tailored and actionable recommendations and enable you to make informed decisions about your lifestyle and health.

Liv Patch™

Our smart skin patch connects to the Liv Assistant on your phone. The Liv Patch measures 30 different parameters in real-time based on 8 different sensors, including your respiration, body temperature, activity, exercise, sleep, stress, recovery and a continuous medical-grade ECG/EKG.

On a Mission to Democratize Health

We are on a mission to democratize health, by taking medical technologies only available for a very limited number of people in the world and making it available for the masses.

Medical technologies that could enable ordinary people to make informed decisions are not designed for private consumers and are in most cases only available for healthcare professionals.

In Liv, we fill the gap between Google and the health industry by enabling anyone, anywhere to assess their own health condition in real-time.

Liv contextualizes your physiology with your activity and translates your behavior into actionable insights.

Liv enables you to understand the effects and consequences of your lifestyle, whether you're at work, out for a run or in the comfort of your home.

Security by design.

We have a strict “Privacy-First Policy”. You own your data, not us. You decide who you want to share it with – your family, your friends, your doctor or the healthcare system, and not the other way around.

You own your data, not us. You have complete ownership of your data and total control over how your data is being shared. 

We don't use or sell your data without your consent!

And only if you give us consent to use your data, for instance for research purposes or to improve our algorithms, your data will be completely anonymized and secured at the highest level of encryption so your data will never be compromised.

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